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A blister is a small pocket of fluid that forms on an area of the body. These bubbles can vary in size and can occur for different reasons. You may develop one after a skin burn, infection with fungus or bacteria, an insect bite, or trauma. Depending on its location, a blister can interfere with normal, everyday tasks. For example, if you have a blister on your feet, you may have difficulty walking, exercising, or standing for long periods of time. Blisters commonly develop on the feet.
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What Does Warm Sensation in the Feet Indicate?

When your feet swell from the heat, this is the result of edema, which is the accumulation of excess fluid. Swelling, generally speaking, is either the result of a collection of body fluid or tissue growth or abnormal positioning or movement of tissue, according to Peacehealth. Most of us know us when our feet swell. They become tight and uncomfortable. Your skin will become stretched and shiny. If your swelling is heat-related, swelling is a temporary condition. Once you get out of the heat and prop up your feet, the swelling should go down.
Burning or warm feeling in foot can be severe or mild, but it is always quite annoying. Sometimes, the burning sensation is so severe that you cannot sleep at night. It becomes even difficult to manage things when warm sensation in foot accompanies with pins and needles sensation or numbness. Instead of burning, some people feel tingling sensation in feet , which is usually the outcome of nerve damage in the legs. The treatment options usually help limit the damage done to your nerve to reduce pain.
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Heat on my feet


Help someone with useful health advice. Small blisters, pouches or pockets of fluid developed on your skin are mostly caused by heat. Those heat blisters often develop on your feet due to plenty of reasons. You might not experience the pain initially, but after a day or two, the blisters grow, turn red with pus and debilitate you with pain. The pain and discomfort persist until it has healed completely. Heat blisters are usually filled with a clear liquid and you shouldn't confuse them with blood blisters. We shall explain you the main causes behind eruption of heat blisters on feet and the treatment options in the next sections.

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