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People lose consciousness for a variety of reasons and from a variety of causes. Some are psychological, i. Vagal nerve fainting also known as vasovagal syncope is quite simply any loss of consciousness caused by the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve runs directly from the brain stem, in front of the ears and down the neck towards the chest and abdomen. It branches off in several places to provide communication with the brain to a number of organs, such as the heart and the stomach. Its main function is to direct blood towards the digestive system when food is eaten, but if it is overactive then the vagus nerve can take too much blood away from the brain, causing a loss of consciousness vagal nerve fainting.
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Since the beginning of this year I have been experiencing what I think is Proctalgia by it's description but when I get it the anal pain is excruciating where I experience nausea, a cold sweat and dizziness and fainting, I always faint after which when I wake up the pain has gone completely. Now I already have Orthostatic Hypotension and this Proctalgia thing seems to come when I experience dizzy spells because of the Hypotension so I feel it is linked somehow but I also think my lifestyle might be causing it because I am mostly sedentary and so I am currently engaged in doing more exercise to see if gets any better. My Gp is aware of it but myself being an XXY male he is reluctant to do anything until he has a report from a geneticist as I don't have the typical endocrine conditions associated with 47, XXY. So does anyone else experience fainting with this thing? Posted 4 years ago.
Guest over a year ago. Sweetie over a year ago. Guest wrote: My advise to you is that if your bf thinks you are making to much out of the incident you perform an anal sex act on him with something similar in size to his penis and see how he feels about it! Vagal response. There are nerves around your anus and around the inside of it. Occasionally people can react poorly to anything going into the anus because of this nerve. My advice is do not stay with someone who cannot accept your turn ons and offs.
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Fainting anal pain nerves

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